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TV & Cinema - Commercial

In today's intermedial world, advertising spots are particularly popular among companies. They can be distributed across various platforms, making it possible to reach almost any target audience. Additionally, TV and advertising spots are usually not as long as classic image films, as costs are typically tied to the length of the spot on most distribution platforms. The art of advertising spots is therefore to convey a meaningful story with beautiful visuals in a short amount of time.

Postproduktion in Bearbeitung


A characteristic of commercial production is its short duration. When airing a TV spot or commercial on the big screen, time is money.

Therefore, the commercial focuses on the essential message, which must be presented particularly concisely. Often, the message ends with a call to action, encouraging viewers to take action. This can include purchasing the product, signing up for a subscription, or visiting a specific website.

Age Attack TV SPOT

Customer: Fox Media / First Pharma

Aired on: Servus TV

Austrian Airlines - Los Angeles - TV SPOT

Customer: Austrian Airlines

Aired on: ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Corporation)

Livigno - feel the alps- TV SPOT

Client: Tourism Region Livigno

Aired on: ORF, RTS, OE24, YOUTUBE ADS.

Hanse Merkur Versicherung - TV SPOT

Client: Hanse Merkur Insurance

Aired on: ORF



Aired on: W24

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