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The possibilities for advertising on television are diverse. And a TV spot is not just a TV spot. Our portfolio of channels allows you to reach your target audiences with your message in different ways.

Television remains an entertainment, immersive and relaxation medium. TV is emotional and can tell stories vividly like no other medium, moving people in the process.


Our versatile TV portfolio offers the right environment for your spot with current information, exciting entertainment. This range of programs allows you to reach the entire family: from children to parents to grandparents - all over Austria.

Your spot on international TV? No problem! We synchronize your spot in the respective language and place it according to your desired target audience.

Our TV advertising partners in Austria.


Of course, we are in contact with other TV channels nationally and internationally as well.

Delivery of TV Advertisements

General Information Unless defined otherwise in these specifications, the current recommendations of the EBU are binding.

At present, commercials are broadcast exclusively in stereo. Subtitling of commercials for hearing-impaired viewers is not currently planned. The broadcasting of programs including commercials is only done with loudness control according to EBU-Recommendation R 128. All commercials must be delivered with normalized loudness.

Delivery of Advertisements

Image Format Delivered commercials must always be recorded in the format 1080i/25. The original film material must be encoded with 25psF.

Audio Format Delivered commercials should preferably be produced and delivered in stereo, but at least in 2-track mono. A stereo signal must be backwards compatible with mono receivers without negative correlation degree (greater than or equal to zero). Furthermore, it must be ensured that at least tracks 1 and 2 contain the complete program sound. The use of additional audio tracks for the transport of 5.1 multi-channel sound is allowed according to the current technical guidelines, but commercials are still broadcast exclusively in stereo at present.

Timecode The carried timecode must have the time stamp 00:00:00:00, 02:00:00:00 or 10:00:00:00 with the first image and must be linearly ascending without gaps for the entire commercial runtime. All timecode tracks that may be present in parallel on a medium must have identical timecodes.

Delivery of Advertisements as File (Media File) Delivery of commercials should preferably be done online via file transfer. WeTransfer / Filemail / Dropbox - office[at]

Only an MXF container with the encoding algorithm XDCAM HD 422 is accepted as a wrapper or container format, using Operational Pattern 1a (OP1a). The MXF file generated by the source system must comply with SMPTE RDD09-2013. The audio must have a resolution of 24 bits in at least two discrete audio tracks. Multiplexed data streams in an audio track are not permitted.

The file must only consist of the actual net content of the commercial and must be concluded with an additional four frames of black/mute. It must have no pre-roll and must start with the first visible image or audible sound.

Video Signal Throughout the entire duration of the commercial, the video signal must comply with ITU-R BT709-6. The maximum level of the luminance signal must not exceed 100%. This value corresponds exactly to 700mV.

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