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Image films, TV & cinema commercials, advertising films, web content, event films, reports, product films, music videos, presentation films, industrial films

G.E.U.S TV has been a successful film production company in the market for many years. With the power of moving images, we can transport messages through good ideas and intelligent staging, creating a perfect medium for advertising. By combining image and sound, and distributing them on all media channels according to target audience, our experienced teams can not only produce your report, event, TV clip/spot, but also support you in the targeted use on TV and online. We have a tradition of producing films since 1964.



On TV and web, we bring you the latest trends and dream destinations with "Besser Reisen" (Better Travel). From hotels, holiday resorts, theme parks, wellness centers, airlines, organizers, travel agencies to tips, trends, and dreams, we cover it all.

Edith Späll and Anita "Niddl" Stelzl take you on a journey around the world so that you don't miss any travel trends. Whether it's a city break, beach vacation, adventure trip, or just some weeks to unwind, our team scouts the most beautiful places in the world for you.

Discover for yourself what the world has to offer and find your very own dream vacation.



N!DDL Productions

Anita "NIDDL" Stelzl is not only a well-known singer throughout Austria. She is also a moderator, writer, voiceover artist, and music and jingle producer.

Together with her team of producers, she finds the right tune for every product and film.

An audio production is used to promote a product or service, present a company or brand.

Anita uses her voice, lyrics, and musical ideas to give each production a personal touch and create unique experiences for her listeners.

She is also active in the field of voiceover productions and has already completed many national and international projects. Her skills and talent make her an excellent choice for any audio production project.



Advertising agency for TV and cinema spot placement, social media marketing, employee branding, SEO hosting, and offline marketing.

With M2K Media, your spot always reaches the target audience! We specialize in TV spots, Direct-Response-TV (DRTV), Special Creations (Special Ads), Sponsoring, Product Placement, and Addressable TV.

We offer spot placement for TV and cinema on national and international channels, as well as advertising brokerage, sales, and purchasing on various platforms.

Our team creates spot concepts and designs that cater to your target audience and budget.


To ensure optimal spot broadcasting, we develop strategies and plans. We analyze and optimize the performance of your spots by evaluating various metrics.

From program planning to analysis, M2K Media is your partner for a successful campaign.

Social Media:

Target audience analysis, Analysis of the channels to be promoted, Initial content, Consultation and strategy development.

SEO maintenance service:

Technical audit, Keyword-Analysis, On-page optimization, Consultation and strategy development.


On Air Anmelden

"Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping a clock to save time."

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