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Music TV Show commissioned by MA48 / City of Vienna

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The two passionate musicians Niddl and Dennis Jale provide a stage for local musicians and promote the idea of sustainability.

And all of this in a very special setting:

the Second Hand Market of MA48.

Season 1.

Production: Wienweit Medien

Director: Dino Stelzl

Season 2.

Production: M2K - Media

Director: Dino Stelzl

Season 3.

Production: M2K - Media

Director: Dino Stelzl

Season 4 is currently airing on:


The family-owned business has been successful in the market since 1959


Besser Reisen is the most popular and successful Austrian travel show. It is presented by Edith Späll and Anita Stelzl.


Singer, host, lyricist, comedy, voiceover artist, jingles, production music


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“Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping a clock to save time.”

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