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For over 45 years, GEUS TV and its predecessor "GEOS TV" have been recognized as one of the world's leading producers of advertising and image films as well as documentaries in the tourism, lifestyle, industrial, real estate, and music sectors. Their camera crews and directors have won multiple international awards, including the "Spindlermühle" award for Best Director for the film "White Austria" and the Gold award at the 18th International Award for Tourist and Hotel Industry in Madrid. The TV program "Besser Reisen" was voted "Best Program 2005" on TW1/ORF. Additionally, GEUS TV was the main prize winner (Media Partner 2009) of the Corps Touristique.

Our Services

Personal care and individual consultation are highly valued at our company. We take care of your screenplay, storyboard, and much more.


Concerts, corporate events, company anniversaries, weddings,

TV und Kino Spot

Whether it's a 10, 20, or 30 second spot, we can produce for ORF, Servus TV, Puls4, regional broadcasters, specialty channels, or web TV spots.


Longer than a spot, also known as an infomercial for TV, ranging from 1 to 5 minutes.


Hotel film, destination video, travel tips, Better Travel report, Globetrotter TV.


Creative, youthful, dynamic, or classic - we have ideas for everyone.

Kameramann bei der arbeit.

Trade fair coverage is always essential to win new customers.


Product films are indispensable today. Show your sponsors, customers, and partners your product in every detail.


Employee training, online video, and more. We keep your viewers informed.


3D effects, animated film, sales video, logo design.


Tailor-made reports for TV channels.

Aerials - Drohnenfilm

Aerial shots for real estate, tourism, industry.

Second Unit
landscape and cultural filming

GEUS specializes in second unit filming, particularly in landscape and cultural shots. In the film industry, the second unit is a team that specializes in capturing action, landscape, and detail shots that are later incorporated into the main film to enhance the plot and atmosphere.

GEUS has a unique approach to their craft. The producers have a keen eye for detail and are experts at capturing the beauty of landscapes and cultures on film. They pay attention not only to the obvious aspects but also to the small details that make a place unique.

The team travels the world to capture the best landscapes and cultures on film. From majestic mountains to beautiful beaches, from historic cities to remote villages, they capture everything the environment has to offer. They use state-of-the-art technology and equipment to achieve the best possible quality.

GEUS films are not only visually impressive but also informative. The team works closely with experts to ensure that viewers gain a comprehensive understanding of the places they see. They provide not only a visual experience but also an understanding of the culture, history, and people on location.

Thanks to their specialization in second unit landscape and cultural filming, GEUS has made a name for themselves and is highly regarded by filmmakers and production companies worldwide. They have perfected the art of landscape and cultural filming and showcase the beauty of the world in a unique way.



from 2 generations of TV & FILM HISTORY

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