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Aerial - Drone Production

M2K Media offers innovative and spectacular aerial production for various industries. The company has focused on three main areas: tourism, documentation, and real estate.

In the tourism sector, M2K has produced a variety of aerial photographs of famous landmarks and natural wonders. Through their drone shots, they can create spectacular images of these attractions.

These images are often used in travel guides, advertising campaigns, and documentaries to showcase the beauty and uniqueness of these places.

In the documentation field, M2K has produced drone footage for various projects, including documentaries on nature reserves, wildlife, and environmental issues. Their aerial shots allow viewers to see the beauty and fragility of nature from new perspectives, thus raising awareness about environmental problems.

In the field of real estate, M2K has created aerial footage of properties to appeal to potential buyers or renters.


Through their drone footage, they can provide a comprehensive overview of the property and surrounding landscape.

These images are often used in real estate listings, on websites, and in virtual tours to show interested parties what to expect.

M2K has a team of experienced drone pilots and camera technicians who are capable of producing high-quality aerial footage. They use cutting-edge technology and advanced camera techniques to create stunning visuals.

With their expertise and knowledge, they can produce creative and spectacular aerial footage for a variety of industries.

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