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People are visual creatures. What they see with their own eyes holds more value than just stories of any ideas. Show your audience, partners, sponsors the visions that drive you and they will follow. We can help you with that.


Company, person, product or idea - who is the main character? What content should be conveyed? Which target group should the video appeal to?

We ask questions and we provide answers. After an initial non-binding consultation, we present you with the first ideas for implementation as well as the corresponding cost estimates.

Film Footage

Depending on the task and budget, we combine our own footage with purchased clips or pre-existing films. The focus of the decision-making process is always on the quality and the best possible implementation of the planned message.

Our own shoots follow a precise schedule that we create based on the previously developed storyboard.

Post Production

In post-production, we take care of the editing, color grading, adaptation to your current corporate design, integration of various logos, 3D animations and icons, as well as any necessary display of explanatory texts or subtitles. Of course, we also provide suggestions for music accompaniment.

We deliver various resolutions and formats, depending on your needs.

Nothing Like AUSTRIA

Nothing like Austria is the image film for the eponymous initiative founded by Chaluk.


The initiative showcases how tourism, industry, sports, arts, and culture in Austria rallied together in 2020 to combat the pandemic. The core message is that "We're all in this together."

Production: Chaluk & GEUS TV - Dino Stelzl

Directed and written by Jan Woletz & Stefan Polasek

Title song by Dennis Jale & The Imperials


"A question of staging.

Don't wait for people to think about your company, product, or service. Show it to them. Moving images are capable of creating emotions and forming opinions. We know how to do it."

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