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Service Packages 2024

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Starter package for social media

1. Target audience analysis:

Analysis of your target audience(s) regarding demographic characteristics, behaviors, and interests. Identification of key topics and trends that resonate with your target audience. Creation of buyer personas.

2. Analysis of the channels to be promoted

Review and evaluation of existing social media channels (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, X, etc.). Recommendations for optimization and selection of the most effective channels for your target audience and objectives.

3. Initial content:

Creation of an engaging profile picture and highlights reflecting your brand identity. Development of compelling captions for your social media profiles. Production of 9 posts: 3 videos and 6 photos/graphics conveying your brand message and targeting your audience.

4. Consultation and strategy development

Hashtag research and keyword analysis collaborations Paid ad strategy


1. Content

Content creation and planning based on needs and objectives

x 8 Reels/Short videos 

12 Photos/Graphics 

16 Stories

2. Caption

Development of impactful captions for your postings

3. Prioritized customer support and personalized care.

At our company, individualized customer service is paramount because we firmly believe that each customer is unique and deserves tailored assistance. Our dedicated team is always focused on understanding your specific needs and providing you with personal, professional, and effective support.

4. Consultation and strategy development

Hashtag research and keyword analysis, Collaborations.

Paid ad strategy


Monthly subscription for social media


Employee branding campaign.

1. Image films

x 5 -> 1 Minute.


Production & Post Production

2. Social Media

Developing x 10 optimized job postings. Review and evaluation of given job portals.

x 10 job postings.

x 10 story postings.

Development of a paid ad strategy.

3. Commercial

x 1 -> 30 seconds (excluding airing). Scriptwriting.

Production & Post Production.

4. Photoshoot

10 x 3 edited photos.

Photography & Editing.


1.Technical Audit

´Reviewing the website for technical issues such as error pages, loading times, mobile optimization.

2. Keyword Analysis

Reviewing the keyword strategy based on current trends and changes in user search behavior. Identifying new relevant keywords. Reporting/recommending new relevant keywords and changes to existing website content.

3. On-page Optimization

Revision of meta-tags.

Revision of headings.

Revision of alt-texts.

Revision of internal links.

4. Consultation and Strategy Development.

Consultancy services aimed at achieving the company's goals and ensuring long-term competitiveness in search engines.

Frau mit Computer

SEO maintenance service:


ALL in one

  • Film Production.

    • Image film 3-5 min x5

    • 1 min x1 Commercial

  • Social Media Content

    • 20 Stories

    • 10 Reels

    • 20 Photo/Graphics postings

  • Photoshoot

    • 50 Photos

    • Photographer & Post-production

    • Make-up artist or product/location stylist

  • TV Advertising

    • Consultation services aimed at achieving the company's goals and maximizing long-term competitiveness in the TV sector.

    • Development and report on which channel the appropriate target audience can be found.

  1. Film Production

    • 5-minute Image film

    • 1 episode of "Better Traveling", 25 minutes, aired on national television

    • x4 30-second TV spots

    • x4 10-second TV spots

    • Advertising on the renowned YouTube Channel "Better Traveling"

  2. Social Media Consultation Services

    • Influencer outreach, brand presence & messaging, audience analysis, as well as keyword and hashtag research

    • 20 Stories

    • 15 Photo/Graphics postings

    • 5 Reels

    • Cross-posting on "Better Traveling" pages & agency profile, as well as mention in our newsletter

  3. Photos

    • 50 Photos

    • Photography & Post-production

  4. Consultation for Spot Placement for national and international advertising campaigns

    • Together with you, we analyze the target audience of your company and then take charge of broadcasting your commercials.

Hütte am Berg bei Sonnenaufgang

Tourism Package

Planung in Aktion

Startup full-service packages

  • Film Production

    • 5-minute Image film

    • x3 1-minute Infomercials

    • x3 30-second spots

    • x3 10-second spots

    • x5 15-second spots for Social Ads

  • Marketing Brand Identity

    • Social Media Starter Package

    • Offline Marketing Package

    • Advertising strategy development and joint establishment of the product in the market

    • 1-month Social Media Subscription In this package, we accompany you step by step in developing a tailored advertising strategy to a successful pitch.

  • Photos

    • 100 Photos

    • Photography

    • Post-production

    • Optional: Make-up Artist/Product/Location Designer

  • Audio Production

    • 1 x 10-second Radio spot

    • 1 x 20-second Radio spot


Additional services

At our company, your individual needs take center stage. If none of our packages align with your requirements, we also offer you the option to customize all our services as a full-service marketing agency.

Our experienced team provides you with a wide range of solutions to achieve your marketing goals. In addition to our packages, we also offer a variety of additional services, which you can find on the below.

Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive and flexible service offering tailored precisely to your requirements. If you have specific needs not included in our offerings, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our experienced team is ready to develop customized solutions for you. Trust in our years of experience and our commitment to excellent service. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Contact us today and let us work together to increase the visibility of your brand!



  1. Film Production

    • Image Film

    • Product Film

    • Event Film

    • TV Spot

    • Training Film

    • 3D Animation

    • Real Estate Film

    • Aerial Film

    • Music Video

    • Report

    • Trade Fair Film

    • Social Media Ads

    • Advertising Film

    • Creative Consulting


Audio Production

  • Jingle Production

  • Music Production

  • Film Score Composition

  • Personalized Song Titles

  • Radio Spot Production

  • Voice Over Production / Speaker

  • Creative Consulting

  • Songwriting



  • Social Media Content

  • Social Media Management

  • Social Media Strategy + Campaign

  • Brand Identity + Brand Building

  • Giveaways

  • Roll Ups, Flyers, Brochures, and Others

  • SEO

  • Target Audience Analysis

  • Paid Ads Strategy

  • Email Marketing

  • Advertising Analysis and Data Interpretation

  • Employee Branding

  • Hashtag Research

  • Keyword Analysis


Photography & More

  • Photoshoot + Post Production

  • 3D Animation for Social Media


  1. AI Prompt Engineering

    • Creative Consulting

    • Prompt Design

    • Avatar Design

    • Meta Avatar Design

    • Meta CI Design

    • Analysis and Report on how AI could make your personal workflows more efficient

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