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The 48er Tandler Lounge. From March 21, 2021, Viennese film and TV director Dino Stelzl (M2K-Media / GEUS TV) is launching the "48er TANDLER LOUNGE" together with Dennis Jale and Niddl.

In the fall of 2020, the multi-award-winning director Dino Stelzl had the idea to revive a music show and platform for musicians in Vienna. This idea was well received by the MA 48 and will be broadcast on W24 - The City Television from March 21, 2021.

In this spirit, Dennis Jale and Niddl will moderate, supporting Viennese music, every two weeks with new guests and everything the city has to offer. Musicians will talk about their lives, their ideas, and much more. They will also have the chance to show what they can do unplugged.

The content of the show is not only about the bands and artists but also about the sustainable message of the Viennese 48er.


Vienna is a world capital of music and art. More composers have lived in Vienna than in many other cities, and music is literally in the air: waltzes, operettas, musicals have laid out the red carpet for the city, but jazz, rock, pop, hip-hop, and of course electronic music have also taken up the city's invitation and found their way to the red carpet.

For years, the Viennese 48ers have invited musicians to their events, be it the Müllfest or concerts at the Tandler. Even in times of Covid19, with streaming concerts or the Depo Days, the MA 48 has been active in providing artists of all ages with a stage to showcase their talents.

Regie - 48er Tandler Lounge
Niddl und Dennis Jale

The 48er Tandler Lounge

TEAM und Equipment


Dennis Jale - Host

Anita "N!DDL" Stelzl - Host

Dino Stelzl - Director & Producer

Silas Pross, Michael Schumpelt - Camera


8x Sony FX 6

1x Canon C300 Gimbal

1x BMD 6K Pro

Airing on W24, the city television network.

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